✧ Hình ảnh Ảo / The Magician + Nữ hộ tống cao

Hi hùng vĩ nhất. * _ * Lấy cảm hứng từ nghệ thuật và vẻ đẹp của Tarot Cards (Rider deck) JKissa và tôi cộng tác để tạo lại một cái nhìn lấy cảm hứng từ thẻ # 1 The Magican và # 2 The High …


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  1. Michelle is wearing the same dress which she wore in the makeup video "Game of thrones"…..Love her all the videos once u start watching them u can't stop…..I miss her dooooor much…..

  2. Witch is magician makeup female woman maleficent fairy witch hazel beautiful and other high priestess near by witch she is rich girl name is high priestess who she buy from witch makeup store skin care she asking doctor order for the skin rich high priestess but wizard male he don't asking in doctor he were magician he buy witch makeup women store skin care he same as her witch of the female magician Not as rich like a high priestess name is maleficent she female with him wizard male he buyskin care medical store of witch cleanness maleficent is good witch high priestess have white snow hair ice girl Not yellow hair sunlight highlight ………………

  3. Michelle and Jkissa are absolutely skating in this look , but I have to say if I wasn't such a natural person I would have to go with Jkissa , but I have to go with Michelle

  4. I love this concept! I use tarot cards myself. I started found readings for myself and then on friends. Now people come up to me for readings! The fact that you've combined two of my favorite things (makeup and tarot) is just too much. IM SHOOK !

  5. for the high priestess. look at 0:03 (warm background) and 0:16 which is a cool background. your back ground DOES influnece your make up . the high priestess should defo be warn at any cool setting. if youre going to a candle light or dim area, better wear what mish is wearing instead.

  6. i absolutely love your hair! sorry i dont know your name but the girl that did the priest look i fell in love with your hair after watching your videos 😍😍

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