$ 20 Makeup Challenge Haul

Trò chơi trang điểm $ 20 Haul! Thách thức được chấp nhận! Vui lòng bình luận dưới đây vì bạn có thể truyền cảm hứng cho hướng dẫn tiếp theo! Xem hướng dẫn trang điểm cho chuyến đi này!


20 Nhận xét

  1. I bought an amazing contour pallete, foundation, and an eyeshadow pallete with 20 dollars! They're all amazing. Marshalls and Winners is the best…..🌜🌛👀

  2. It saddens me to know that back then, $20 can get you at least 6 products while nowadays, with $20, you can only get ~2. I recently got a L'Oreal foundation, a NYX concealer, a NYX dual liner, and an ELF mini stipple brush and the total cost came out to be a little over $40.

  3. There are a lot make up in US drugstore. Not shook since i watched a lot beauty videos. But daamn :"")

  4. This video is interesting, she could find all of those products with that prices, but is really frustrating in other countries where you only can find bad quality beauty products for the same budget.

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