5 điều bạn hay làm sai khi làm móng tay của bạn

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Nail Marble Nghệ thuật Nấu nước / Watermarbling Your Nails // Hacks — Hey guys! Trong hướng dẫn nghệ thuật móng ngày nay, Hannah sẽ chia sẻ với bạn 5 lỗi phổ biến mà …


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  1. I hope everyone enjoys this video and that it helps you out a bit when you're water marbling!! As a quick note, I said you can also use Elmers Glue as an alternative, but it is water soluble so tape and latex are better options! Sorry for the mistake as I'm so use to recommending that as an alternative when doing gradients/ombre nails — Anyways, thanks so much for watching, you guys are awesome!! XO

  2. could you just put a little bit of water in thick nail polish and mix it around a little to see if it becomes a little liquidy

  3. if your nail polish has gotten too thick, you can drip in some acetone to thin it out a bit, so it will spread in the water

  4. Too much air flow in the room is a common problem for beginners too. Especially when it starts to get hot out. Make sure to turn off those fans and vents!

  5. What kind of water temperature do you use? And do I need to let it sit in the water so it can like set up?

  6. I just use petroleum jelly around the fingers as i don't own anything else. Tape is time consuming to apply and remove so i don't use it.

  7. The only frustrating thing about the tutorial is the brands recommended. Where I live, we don't have OPI or Essie. I'd have to buy those online on a website that ships internationally. We suck in the nail art department. In fact, I've never even seen things like liquid latex for nails being sold. But since I've never seen a decent nail tutorial from my home country, I have stick with the good but foreigner ones.

  8. When I do watermarble I mess up on purpose because I like how it looks all messed up😂

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