5 Thiết kế thời trang Nail Rocker / Toronto Fashion Week

Bởi Sandi Ball
Hey guys! Đã dành một vài tuần bận rộn cho tôi vì tôi đã tham dự rất nhiều chương trình thời trang và kiểm tra xem móng trông ở hậu trường. Tuần này tôi muốn tái tạo …


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  1. the thumb nail design reminds me of 'V' from BTS!😵😵
    Any A.R.M.Y's out there??!!😎👊👊

  2. Sorry but those are the ugliest nails ive ever seen, the last one with the black V was a joke right!!?

  3. Essie seriously should consider hiring Sandi to do the models' nails lol 😂 She perfected the designs like a boss 💪😎💘💕💓✨

  4. l love painting my nails but i cannot do the stamping and water marbling nail art .plz make a video and tell us what kind of nail polish you are using for water marbling and stamping nail art thanks

  5. Am i the only one who thinks that these models have horrible nails and that the designs from cutepolish are better?

  6. Will you please do a How to shape your nails almond video. Please every one thumbs up so the girls see thank you!

  7. These nail looks are so gorgeous!! I'd love to try them on and I'll make sure to share them with you❤

  8. what was the name of sandi's canadian friend that is not that popular and sang opera?

  9. I like the middle finger design, very similar to one of my go-tos, which is a dark red (but not as dark as the one she used) and gold 'French tips'

  10. Sandi I think you should have done the models nails because you do them so well💅🏻💅🏻

  11. I want to do the negative space one, but I did my nails a few hours ago TT-TT it looks really chic and elegant!

  12. I love all of your videos! good job I hope one day I'll be able to be that good, God bless!

  13. So simple but so perfect! I will definitely try these out. And her voice is very pleasant to listen to.

  14. My favourite ones are KQK AND STEPHAN CARAS. Your nails are amazing compared to the models….

  15. I just did my nails and now I'm waiting for them to dry
    I regret it now, I wish I'd seen this video 10 mins before! How beautiful they look! ❤

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