Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Rainbow Ombré Nails | Summer Nails



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  1. If anyone would love to donate to my great cause I do single mothers nails for free that can’t afford to get them done in a salon if anyone could donate nail supplies I would appreciate it to keep me going with my cause I think everyone deserves to feel and look amazing for a day I also do haircuts and color so anything would help just message me if you want to donate god bless you all 😘 thanks

  2. Do a video on people who have color acrylic like do u soak off or file thin what would be the best thing to do. I hate filing down so thin I think it be better soak off but then it mean its s new set an I'm just idk

  3. What’s the liquid or powder of whatever it’s called to put on the natural nail so you can blend it w the other acrylic powers to start the ombré called ?

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