Amazon: HomeyHouse 12 Pieces Pedicure Nipper Cutter Nail Clipper Stainless Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set, Travel Kit

Price: $12.99 - $9.99

Material: Steel
1.Curette Spoon(8cm)
Compact design round digging spoon,safe and easy to clean earwax,ear cleaner so healthy.
2.Off Knife(9cm)
Can remove surface dirt and nails inside corner layer of dead skin. 3.Pedicure Knife(9cm)
Pedicure knife mainly old skin,calluses,foot,thick nails,calluses small,thin nail repair,nail fungus,corns repair.
4.Nail File(9.5cm)
Beautiful to use,easy to trim nails,make nails smooth.
5.Dead Shovel(9cm)
Y-shape tip of the fork head,using a smooth,easy to remove dead skin nail edge,making the nails look more slender.
6.Acne Needle(8.5cm)
A needle,a metal ring is squeezing acne,as well as non-slip handle design,operate handy.
Tweezer compact design flexibility,comfortable feel;unique jaws designed to trim eyebrows neat.
8.Large Nail Clippers(8.5cm)
Shocking and powerful,suitable for stubbom toenails trimmed.
9.Middle Nail Clippers(6.5cm)
Jaw moderate,suitable for infants and adults fingers.
10.Oblique Nail Cippers(6cm)
Oblique mouth clamp design,specializing in whole dead parts.
Unique beauty scissors sharp,easy to trim the perfect eyebrow.
12.Pedicure Pliers(9.5cm)
All stainless steel,strong grip,professional remove dead skin,burns and calluses,etc.

Package included:
1 x 12 In 1 Stainless Maincure Set
Multi-functional pocket pruning set is easy to use and carry.
Comes in a Stylish carrying case.
Clever design, the box can be opened when you press a button.
A box with 12pcs, but everything for you to build elaborate.
Perfect for using at home or travel.