Amazon: MIMIMI 15pcs Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers Set Professional Nail Cutter with Luxurious Travel Case

Price: $10.00

Material: Stainless steel
Case material: PU leather
Measurement case: 6.2”×3.9”

Function of each tool:
1.Cuspidal/ Obtuse Push-type Broach: used for pushing back the edge of the mail keratin and scrape nail polish and other residues; tip portion for cleaning a ditch and crevices dirt which is difficult to clean .
2. Dead skin fork : with V type cuspidal head, effectively trim surface, agnail, callus, valid , dead skin, etc.
3.Nail file: polishing rag after nail cutting to make nails rounded, smoothly.
4.Nipper: used for trimming hard and thick nail or callus; cuspidal design is easy for trimming the narrow places.
5. Combination Nail/Cuticle Scissors : used for trimming the eyebrows after pulling eyebrows or shaving eyebrows, to keep the eyebrow clean and tidy .

Package contains:
1x Larger Nail Clipper
1x Smaller Nail Clipper
1x Curved Nail Clipper
1x Tweezer
1x Nose Hair Scissors
1x Eyebrow Scissors
1x Nail File
1x Scraper
1x Cuticle Trimmer
1x Blackhead & Acne Needle
1x Ear Cleaning Tool
1x Eyebrow Clip
1x Nipper
1x Bevel Knife
1x Straight Knife
1x Leather Case15 PCS MANICURE KIT: Includes 3 clipper,1 eyebrow tweezer,1 nose Hair Scissors,1 eyebrow Scissors,1 nail file,1 scraper,1 cuticle trimmer,1 blackhead & acne needle,1 ear pick,1 eyebrow clip,1 toenail nipper,1 bevel knife,1 straight knife.
HEAVY DUTY QUALITY: Each tool is made of quality German high carbon steel.It was processed through alternate hot and cold technology to make sure corrosion-resistant,hard and durable,never rusts.The blade of nail clipper is quenched and polished many times to make sure it smooth and sharp.
LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE: Designed with a portable case 6.2”×3.9” to protect the sharp tools,it is easily to close or open with a secure snap closure. Perfect for travel or just for home use,easily to keep it all in any handbags or shoulderbags.
A UNIQUE GIFT IDEAL: Packed in a LUXURY & FASHION case,including everything you need for your personal manicure, it is a surprise gift for your familes and friends .It’s a ideal Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween,birthday .
TIPS:For health , It is better to use your own nail care kit separately as separate tools for fingers and toes help avoid the spread of fungal infections.