Black Widow trang điểm đáng sợ

Chào. Halloween vui vẻ 🕷️ Sản phẩm Mehron Clown White Juno & co Velvet Sponge …


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  1. Oh my god im sooooo happy… Just her voice is bringing back all memories and great time. The time when i learned to apply eyeliner and under eye makeup and every thing i know about makeup…. Im so happy. Please never leave again

  2. MICHHHHHHH!!!! im so glad you're back! we love you! if you need another break to take care of yourself, please take the break. your mental/physical health is important. ❤

  3. MICHELLE!!! You wonderful beautiful human being ❤️.HOW MUCH IVE MISSED!!!! Your makeup tutorial!!! 😍 😭 you’ll forever be my number 1 favorite person to watch on YouTube. Love you!!! ❤️🙏

  4. I love you Michelle ! I have been watching you for YEARSSS ever since I was a little girl first getting into makeup. I feel happily emotional and somewhat nostalgic watching this video . I love you as a person and for your art ! I’m so delighted that you are finally back and I absolutely cannot wait for your future makeup looks 🖤🖤🖤

  5. Everyone Is Seeing Her Back But Nobody Noticed The Darkness Behind Her Unhappy Face..

    She Seems UnHappy With What She Is Doing Unlike Earlier Mishelle, It's Clearly Seems Like Something Is Forcing Her To Do And Made Her Come Back.

    Looks She Is Highjacked By Illuminati, Look At All The Symbols Is Shown In This Videos, Eyes, Triangles, Earrings, Logo, Guys Pray For Her She Needs Help! May Jesus Help Her…

  6. I literally started crying when I heard that soft voice in my earphones again…I’m married now, 25, in my new home…life has been rough, but it just brought me back to being in high school, still with my parents, in my warm bed, simpler times…I miss it! But this reminded me that some things don’t change! My love for makeup, & thanks to you Michelle!! 🧡

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