Câu chuyện đáng sợ thực sự của tôi ASMR

Tôi dám cho bạn xem cái này với tai nghe trên với âm lượng tăng. Tôi đã có rất nhiều niềm vui để chỉnh sửa này. Lmk nếu bạn muốn xem nhiều câu chuyện hơn 🙂 Tìm tôi ở đây …


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  1. Mish are you claiming that the headless woman and the bloody body on the carpet story was real?? I want another video in detail, sounds very interesting. I too heard some paranormal stories in Vietnam from my mum when she was a child 😳

  2. I would like to see more stories with Averyota art please Michelle, you have always been such a great storyteller !! The scary story that terrified me the most is The Body !

  3. yaaaasssss Michelle pls do a lot more of these kinda videos!!!! so glad you’re back! don’t know about others but i’ve missed ur videos so much! :’) my heart is happy! we love u whatever kind of videos u do regardless <3 Your OG fan right here!

  4. Hi Mish !! I think the headless woman was the fiction story. 🙂 Tell me if i'm wrong!! It was so nice though! I looved hearing you telling creepy stories. Felt like a pilow talk, di gud old waayy ! 😉 Thank you sis! Love you so much <3

  5. Happy Halloween, Michelle!🎃👻🌙. I would definitely NOT have fed my infant, haunted formula😅😅😅. Thank you for sharing these spooky stories. Loved it! I’ve got plenty of my own. I actually had an encounter a couple of hours ago😱. I live in a city that’s downtown area is known to be haunted. I’ve lived here a long time and never noticed anything that made it seem that way but I’ve always felt a shift in energy upon driving into the area. Today though I was eating dinner in a restaurant down a central street near the most haunted part and just before the check came the power went out as all the last remaining families and trick or treaters were passing by outside heading home due to the impending weather 🌤🌬💨⛈🌪. They took our payment the old school way with an addressograph manual imprinter credit swiper/presser thingy. We could hear it loudly swiping all the way in the back of the restaurant as we waited patiently with our leftovers in
    to-go boxes. The waitress returned, flashlight in hand, with the card and receipt and thanked us for coming in greeted us happy Halloween and to have a safe night. We thanked her and left. We walked down the block and around the corner down a wide alleyway parking lot that was already empty (no other people around close enough to hear) to get to where we parked. As we were talking about making it home before any rain could start, I heard a loud whisper in my right ear “wa… sl…..!” Then at the same time my partner and I turned to look at eachother and we both said, “did you hear that?”(me) “Did you say something?”(him) I said, “did it sound kinda like a loud breathy whisper in your ear?” His eyes got big and he said, “yes, it sounded like it was saying, “walk slower!”😳😳😳and now I totally believe downtown IS haunted like people have been saying all these years….okay😅 not as creepy as your stories maybe but definitely my most recent (I have had paranormal encounters all my life) and absolutely true💯👻🎃🌙✌️💖✨

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