Chuyển đổi sơn móng của bạn thành Polish Polish

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Chuyển đổi sơn móng thường xuyên của bạn thành gel đánh bóng bằng Hydracol: ☆ MỚI VIDEOS MONDAY & FRIDAY! ❤ SUBSCRIBE để …


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  1. It thickened/dried because it's spread out in a thin layer on that wheel. If you put it in a tiny pot, it won't dry out as fast.

  2. I am a beginner at nails so please don't judge me but what is the difference between gel and polish?

  3. I have a question would you just be able to put some hydracol in the actual bottle of polish?

  4. I see a lot of comments that it's a waste of polish, I have to disagree. I have several bottles of polish that are no longer available for purchase(discontinued) . This is an excellent way to revive older polish and make it last longer. if you are a nail person, you'll understand, if you just play, then , maybe not for you.

  5. Your studio lights probably semi-cured the first pour of polish to the tray before you were able to use it again. That's the deal with LED polishes and studio lights.

  6. i like this cuz you can make custom colors of nail polish without them drying immediately

  7. I thought it was going to be like put it in the whole nail polish bottle, that's a bit of work to mix every time :/ will think about it

  8. Hydracol isn't necessary at all. You should just put on regular gel polish on base coat, let it dry for 100% and close it with top.

  9. how long does at home gel polish last? I'm getting my nails done at the salon its quite expensive so i might switch over to at home gel

  10. Why don't you just use gel polish for it all? I'm thinking regular polish is less expensive, right?

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