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  1. Not sure how many colors are offered by Azure but I wish they'd allow you to pick your own colors. I do love Azure's gel polishes. Want to try their dip system but I'm not crazy about some of the colors in this particular kit.

  2. I bought this same kit a while back. I always have an issue with the top coat brush hardening, even when I dip it in the brush saver. Did this happen to you? I also want to try a gel top coat with it instead of the top coat they give you.

  3. I’m a fan of dip powder. I like the added protection and strength it gives my nails, but I swear I have ADD when it comes to wanting to change my polish! I can never wait 2 weeks before I change my color. I re-do my nails probably every 3 or 4 days depending on my schedule and how much time I have, so using colored powder doesn’t work for me.

    H o w e v a … I still use dip powder, but I tweak it a little.

    I follow the instructions for application but my tweak is only using CLEAR powder. I apply it as instructed, smooth the surface and buff it so it’s shiny and perfect, and when I’m done I swear it looks like my own nails! Once I’m done with the powder and buffing, then I apply my regular nail polish over that.

    This allows me to have the thicker layer over my natural nails, and still be able to switch out my polish whenever I want to. I use acetone, and if I feel like some of the acrylic layer was removed, there’s usually enough product left on the nail that I just buff it smooth again. OR … if needed, I just apply the bonder, dip it again into the powder and I’m * voila * done.

    This method does require back fills as my nails grow out, but it’s so easy! I file and buff the area smooth with a stronger grit file, put down a layer of bonder to the bare area near my cuticle, dip and buff again.

    This really does work for me 🥰

  4. My aunt bought this and they are really nice and last long especially with tips like usually for me acrylic lifts in two weeks but the dip lasted strong for like 4 weeks until I wanted it off. Pretty sure it stay longer if I let it.

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