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NHẬN CÔNG CỤ NAILS POLYGEL NAILS TẠI ĐÂY: ❤ SUBSCRIBE để CutePolish để bạn không bao giờ bỏ lỡ một hướng dẫn làm móng!


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  1. Could I just keep the polygel fills going? Would I eventually have to remove the whole thing? I am down to nubs after removing a dip mani that the salon person had drilled down too much. It was always hot and painful. Then I saw why: my natural nails were now thin as paper! How upsetting! I enjoyed having a little length on my nails, as I have never been able to before. And can I use my massive polish collection on top of the polygel nails?

  2. Quick question: is there a strong odor with the gel? For example, does it smell like a nail salon? I sometimes get headaches from the smell when getting my nails done. Just curious.

  3. You'd probably have to file off more then she did. Also if there's any lifting, your prone to bacteria getting under the nail and the nail not lasting as long as it should. Also be aware that the a-pex arch moves with the grown nail and needs to be back at the stressed point.

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