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NHẬN CÔNG CỤ NAILS POLYGEL NAILS TẠI ĐÂY: Mã giảm giá 15%: GERSHION15 Kết thúc vào ngày 18 tháng 9. ĐĂNG KÝ để …


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  1. I love poly gel! But to anyone trying it, make sure you do it thicker on the nail bed, so that you cant see your real nail under. Otherwise, it'll only last 2-3 days and will break off.

  2. I recently got acrylic tips done on my nails and I'm just curious if it's so necessary for the nail artist to file down your natural nail so much and if there is another maybe less damaging method to use? Please someone answer?

  3. Can you use a second coat of polygel to get a deeper color or can you paint them over with regular nail polish? Do you remove them like a soak off gel? So many questions but I'm drying to try it.

  4. Hey, i want to ask. Can i do polygel without base coats? Because i buy a base coat gel, and it can't dry with my uv led lamp, well i have top coats that can dry with my uv lamp. Is it okay to use top coats as a base coats? Or better i don't use any base coat /top coat as base coat? Please answer me asap 😥

  5. I bought the same kit and tried using it but every time I try the dual forms, I always get air bubbles cuz the dual forms don’t fit my nail!! So I have to apply the product like acrylic, directly on the nail, with nail tips for length! It’s so annoying!

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