DIY Testing Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

I’m testing out the Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit. This is one of the most cost effective…


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  1. 'Little ass brush ' 😂😂😂😂 that was good. Like my 10th time rewatching this video cuz i got the kit and a little nervous. But that little line about the brush always 😂😂😂😂 . Tnx

  2. I bought the bigger kit that had the Apple scent to put in the acrylic liquid and let me tell you, it stank to high heaven! The smell lasted two days in the house. I did my daughter's nails on Sunday and by Tuesday 3 popped off. 😡 Yes, I followed the instructions.

  3. oh my god wait what. i got this kit before and it was different and she was speaking about how it was before and how bad it was but it sounded exactly like the kit i had and i got it recently .

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