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Bởi Sandi Ball
KIẾM CHUIPI RIÊNG CỦA BẠN: TÔI ĐANG Ở LONDON: | twitter: @cutepolish …


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  1. her voice sounds lower in her older videos for some reason cause a just watched a newer one then this older one and the pitch of her voice is different

  2. I really love your video tutorials….. (/●◇●)/*'.,◇º○★◇☆♡¤`~ *throwseverythingnice yeeey!!! Watched your ombre tutorial and was amazed then i watched some of your videos again, followed you because youre awesome Now Im a big fan of yours…

  3. Hey girls 🙂
    I am French and just for you, I just realized my last two tutorials Nail Art in English on the subject of cherries, the royal baby, candy crush and the BEACH 🙂
    Join me on my chain: p
    kiss 🙂

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