Gối nói chuyện 2 / Online Fame, Reality + More ☾

Chào fam! Ở đây tôi thảo luận về nó giống như nổi tiếng trực tuyến và những gì tôi đã học được thông qua hành trình YouTube của tôi. Sử dụng #PillowTalk và gắn thẻ cho tôi với các câu hỏi của bạn – bạn có thể được đặc trưng tiếp theo! …


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  1. You are actually an inspiration to others💖💕 I'm sure Everyone really knows these stuff but what makes the difference is you maintain the positive thoughts but others forget about it (I forget it too) and then when I look for these great videos, I'm like "oh yeah! I know these these stuff too"
    BTW 💖💖💖y Michelle😘

  2. Anytime I freak out with my life, I always watch your videos. Because I know you have answer for my difficulties <3 <3 <3 Thanks for being here, I mean in this world ^^ Love from VIETNAM

  3. aw Mish. I remember when this just came out. You are truly inspiring. Your videos always make me happy and stressless. You are amazing. Im sad that you have left. But I really hope everything in your life is going well. I hope you're doing well mentally and physically. You are my roll model. Love you!!

  4. It's so weird to see someone who is young, but wise and so experienced. I'm introverted too, and I think, the net is our Digital playground. Don't bother with the envious people, you deserve every cent for your work. It's clearly shows that you put a lot of work to these videos and the other projects.

  5. Michelle! woah i have known about your chanell before, but now that i saw more of your videos.. i'm overwhelmed with your positive energy! the way you look at life! i just saw your draw my life and then the film about your new chapter where you're at Vietnam and i feel so happy for you! you're so adorable with the way you try to make a bond with people watching and you make me feel like there is an aunt Michelle you can ask for an advice 🙂 thank you for all that great energy you are spreading! greetings from Poland ❤

  6. These advices help me get back on my feet a little again. Now I feel like I'm at my breaking point. Normally I am a very patient person and very consiserate. But like you said..I gave too much of my energy that now I feel like I need to charge myself. I've been worked so hard these past few months to try to get this new product out. After listening to you I realized that I need a break. Thank you so much Michelle for not forgetting us even now you're famous and for all those encourage words.

  7. u r so motivating, I love watching n listening u

    I m going through a lot of stress n depression currently n recently found u in YouTube n started listening u n yes I must say u helped me alot, alot means really a lot to uplift myself n bring that positivity back in me..

    I need these pillow talks again from u

    I hope u will read it.💗💗

  8. What if your crush is a jerk and your so shy you cant even look at him , and then he looks at you and smiles and you just want to melt 3:
    and even when he "talks" to you he doesnt call you Little and your the same age -.- and YOU JUST CANT TELL HIM YOU LIKE HIM YOU ??and about the playlist HOW THE FLUFF IS THIS SHY POTATO GONNA GET HIS NUMBER?? 😣😣
    (P.S he doesnt have any social media -..-)

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