Hướng dẫn tổng hợp về kem chống nắng

Hey thỏ! Đó là thời gian summma! Bạn đang mặc một kem chống nắng hiệu quả? Video này sẽ hướng dẫn bạn trên đường tìm ra kem chống nắng cuối cùng của bạn.


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  1. anyone know if chemical or physical is better? as well as a good asian sunscreen that doesn't run or sting your eyes if you sweat or get wet thx

  2. anyone know if wearing sunscreen everyday is bad due to chemicals? i would use asian sunscreen korean or japanese and also since i am young anyone know of any good sunscreens and cheap ones /natural less chemical sunscreens and if its possible to make your own sunscreen? thanks so much anyone who can reply!! i dont like it when my skin gets really dark :p trying to whiten it a bit and make it more healthy

  3. When i was little i would spend long amounts of time in the sun while in a swimming pool. I got extremely tan and my skin became patchy and discolored. I would also get rashes. My dad said there's no need for sunscreen because there are people who work in fields without wearing sunscreen. I wear sunscreen everyday now. I was in the sun applying my sunscreen on one arm and i can feel the sun rays not directly hitting my arm and the other one already felt like it was being fried.


  4. I want to ask can we mix a little bit of foundation with suncreen? Does it break the fomula of suncreen ( make suncreen useless )

  5. I really loved the video well my skin us really dry and sensitive skin I have used a lot of different products to see which works for my and I found my skin reacted to only natural ingredient products such as you can herbal products can you recommend any kind of herbal / natural sunscreens for dry and sensitive skin please please please.

  6. Thank-you for this amazing video Michelle! As a person with skin that looks and is considered to be type one, and has sensitive skin, this video has helped me out a huge amount! (At the time of this comment being posted) It's early spring here in the UK and the sun has finally shown itself, so Time to don my light clothes I guess! Sun cream is a savior for me as even the winter sun can lead me to burn :(. Thank-you miss phan!

  7. I tried some sunscreens and all of them left my skin greasy.. Is there any product I can use to keep my skin not greasy? My skin type is combination and acne prone.

  8. The sun is not your enemy. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. More people than ever are getting all types of muscle disorders and mental illnesses from the lack of vitamin D. Dark skin races don't necessarily need much sun screen because of their melanin. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. That being said, enjoy being outside, and humans weren't made to constantly be lathering on sun screen and staying indoors. Just know when enough is enough.

  9. i got sunscreen body lotion.. but it has no spf written on it. It says it provides 3 layer protection and it has natural aloe Vera with UV filters. I don't get it. Is it worthy and should it throw it??

  10. This is completely misleading. No product can protect you for more than 2 hours. SPF has nothing to do with the duration of effectiveness of sunscreen. This kind of misinformation could cause skin cancer.

    Also if you have dark skin, you have more melanin which means you are more sensitive to skin spot darkening and so you need SPF at least as much as people with fair skin.

  11. Michelle's makeup tutorial for this look was removed sigh so many of my favorite tutorials are gone 🙁

  12. i use spf 50 pa+++ i am too lazy to reapply sunscreen, i am not often stay at outside but i realize what she said 90% wrinkle come from uva n uvb

  13. I want to wear sun-cream, but it's either getting one that's nivea… or getting one that's Korean XD

  14. Sunscreen on my face makes my eyes burn. I can't where sunscreen on my face now. I tried to get it away from my eyes but even on my body, it is still burning my eyes

  15. Wait what is PA ..never heard of it before. my sunscreen is spf50+ then it's written BOTH UVB AND UVA but the UVA IS CIRCLED what does that mean omg

  16. this is a terrible vídeo! spf makes litt le to no difference as long a itis higer than 20 or 30. Any active ingridient Will fade away in 2 hr of SUN EXPOUSURE, so It Will last in a normal office day. an SPF 110 Will block 94% UV rays and SPF 20 90%. fda Will now forbid lables with spf numbers higher than 50+ bc of how misleading It is. the vídeo is beautiful but the girl dumb

  17. Even wearing spf 50+ I still burn to a crisp even when I reapply literally every hour and I live in the uk. The hottest it almost ever is is 20 degrees celcius. work out the farenhiet because I have no idea.

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