Lời khuyên làm đẹp trong chuyến bay thân thiện

Tôi sẽ chỉ cho bạn thói quen làm đẹp trên chuyến bay của tôi cho một chuyến bay đường dài. Bạn sẽ sống sót và trông tuyệt vời cùng một lúc 🙂 Đây là danh sách …


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  1. So unrealistic I personally would avoid touching my face as much as possible never mind apply oils and a mask on myself considering how unhygienic it is in an airplane. Even if you’re flying first class I would much rather take care of everything on ground lol this is so impractical it’s hilarious

  2. A lot of people think they would get weird looks if they do this mid-flight, but honestly, if the person next to me did this I would be like, "damn, they really got their shit together, good for them"

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