Michelle Phan: Tại sao tôi lại

Tôi muốn chia sẻ câu chuyện của tôi với khán giả, người đã ủng hộ tôi từ ngày 1. Video này dành riêng cho bạn. Cảm ơn bạn đã hỗ trợ tất cả và …


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  1. i'm honestly going through a really hard time rn, though i don't show it outside(i'm legit like the cool on the outside but dying on the inside person). this video came up in my recommendations and i just randomly clicked on it and i'm so glad that i did.

    i'm the type that bottles up shitty feelings and never open up to people. i had to let go of my mom, dad and sis(due to financial problems) to live with my grandma to do my uni(different countries btw). it was honestly hard letting them go and deep inside i was very depressed about it.
    i guess this is not like a big thing but for me sacrificing my opportunity to go to a good ass uni over there and sacrificing my time being with my parents is like a really huge thing for me. my parents were always struggling financially even during my school days. When school came to an end, we checked up some uni's and many of them were super expensive. Seeing this, i decided that i didn't want to burden my parents anymore and when i saw the option of going elsewhere cheap for uni, i took it.
    I may not show it on the outside, but i really do want to make my parents happy by being successful in life. However, i'm always scared about the decisions i take, like at first i may think that i'm right but the more i think about it, the more complicated it gets and the more i start to doubt my decisions. But anyways, i guess i am happy about this decision that i took and with each day that i'm surviving, each day i'm working hard to move one step towards my goal

    p.s – This is actually the first time i've opened up about what i'm truly feeling(like i haven't even said this to any of my closest friends)

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  3. I can't even relate but why am I crying. ;_________; i hate your voice huhuhuhu i hate you (jokingly) huhuhu

  4. Good. I'm so happy for you that you decided to go within to get grounded and centered. <3 Your journey, thus far, has helped you to become the person you are today. You needed to experience what you deemed to be "success," only to discover that it wasn't ever going to be enough, or what really mattered. Money buys you certain things, but it's not a proxy for things that really matter.

    Here's to all of you who DARE to leave what's comfortable and familiar, for whatever your soul's truly calling out for. May you live courageously, with passion, love, and gratitude.

  5. So inspiring ive loved u since bringing awww i lost touch battling some demons in my life but this story really made me feel better about my changes and all my mistakes ive been fixing ❤glad u are still on here❤

  6. Love you girl ❤️ you are a huge huge inspiration to me this video had me super emotional you are super strong 😁 your a light much love 🙏🏼❤️

  7. I do not know who she is because I do not follow YouTubers, however, the fact this video ends with a message asking you to more or less head to her store and shop is funny, given the message the video was trying to get to. People will still buy though.

  8. Oh poor you! Common grow up girl! I was subscribed to you till 2014 when you launched your em. I bought it ( the worst overpriced makeup ever) and I noticed that all you need from your subscribers is money. You have not changed a bit! You still put an ad at the end and still monetize your video and it is all about you again. You are just luckier than everyone you were at the right place in the right time. You can deny all that you want but making videos and getting millions from them is not that difficult. If you had to work 9-7 everyday and paid like everyone else you would have understood where the difficulty really lies. Your senates like: "I will teach you how to feel beautiful" is full of crap. No-one can teach you that it comes from the within. Mb you should try freezing your bank accounts for at least a year go to some third world country and try to wok there a normal job, like a secretary or something else that you can do then you would learn to appreciate what you have. I have never heard so much complains about person's life even when I was watching a video about people who knew that they are going to die soon.

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