Nghệ thuật vẽ móng ong Bumble Bee

Bởi Sandi Ball
Bạn sẽ yêu thích hướng dẫn làm móng mới nhất của chúng tôi ở đây: Một thiết kế nghệ thuật vẽ móng ong dễ thương và dễ dàng! SẢN PHẨM SỬ DỤNG: OPI Nail Envy China Glaze Lemon …


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  1. OMG girlfriend i tots love you soooooo much you saved my life by even doing and posting your nail art but i was thinking just mabye you should do fire nails and light bulb nails and cloud nails and purse nails and computer nails and teddy bear nails and egg nails and lemon nails and chocolate bar nails and smiley face nails and puppy nails and earing nails and bow nails well i think that is all i got for now you better choose one of these nail arts okay bye!

  2. Thank you. For always uploading your cute. easy. fun. Nail art ideas : ) I love your videos so much. Soon as I buy yellow nail polish I'm going to try this cute bumblebee nail art for my mom and me

  3. I love doing designs on my toes because they're easier and I want to start doing designs on my finger nails but how long do u let Ur nails dry completely before doing house work, etc?

  4. Hey girls 🙂
    I am French and just for you, I just realized my last two tutorials Nail Art in English on the subject of cherries and the French national holiday 🙂
    Join me on my chain: p
    kiss 🙂

  5. for those of you who are asking to see her face, i dont think she wants to. and plus, she doesnt need to show her face to do her nails.

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