SandiBall: Các kiểu Nails mới tại lễ hội thời trang

Bởi Sandi Ball
Hey guys! In today’s video, I’m taking you backstage at New York Fashion Week to check out the nail looks! I partnered up with Kiss Products to get a behind the …


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  1. Woow!! They are SO GORGEOUS!!!👏😻🌟✨ I'm impressed that Sandi looks so natural and fits really well in the backstage with all the gorgeous runway models!!!😸💘💕✨

  2. You have the most beautiful fingernails I've ever seen! I wonder if your toes are as pretty,if so can we see them ?

  3. Beautiful video… Really! I'm going to try these three,the last and first one is my favourite

  4. the hashtag one was simple and easy.thank u Sandi for making nail art so simple😍😍😍

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