Skeleton Makeup: Người canh chừng đêm

Halloween không bao giờ là quá muộn cho tôi 🙂 Cuốn sách "Make Up Your Life" hiện đã có! Thông tin thêm ở đây! Http:// Cái tối, sexy …


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  1. Very useful tutorial! Hoping to use this idea for Halloween this year! Love you Michelle!

  2. Did anyone watch her latest video and come back to this one since it was a look in her story

  3. Ok the first thing I thought of when I saw her face makeup was Gerard way help me

    Also holy shit that's some good makeup

  4. I did the skeleton skull on my face but just the face. Then I wore a black cloak with a hood. I had to pass out candy at a trunk 'r treat last Halloween.

  5. I love this tutorial it's really good especially for Halloween 😍😍❤💖🎉

  6. Michel buena noche
    Te felicito que buen maquillaje nena te pregunto como se llaman las pinturas que utilizaste donde laspuedo comprar mañana tenemos una fiesta de disfraces y nos queremos maquillar haci mi esposo y yo 🙅

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