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  1. I've been wanting to purchase the sculpting gel and builder gel off of the naio nails website for a few months now but every time I check they're both out of stock. I know in your FAQ it says you can't give stock level updates which is why I have been checking each month but I'm starting to worry you'll never get any more in! Is there any chance you know how long it'll take for you to stock more? Thank you

  2. Yes the filing takes ages, especially when my application of products to my own non dominate hand is not great hehehe 🙂

  3. K…Would you please show good nail preparation when faced with a walk-in, non-regular nail client wants a service? I noticed your prepped nails look way cleaner than what I accomplish in the salon. Clients come in with such dry, scraggly cuticles and want a full set. Maybe your prep process is more efficient and more thorough….a good "back to basics" topic! Please 🌟

  4. Hello Kirsty,

    how important is the quality of the brush, liquid and acrylic powder for building the nails fast and without messing all the time. I've problems every time with my brushes (i've to admit they're not the best ones ) cause always during just one hand a lot of acrylic stucks in there thou i always during the process clean it on the towel… But lately i've this doubt that are not the brushes but the quality of the products too. Can that be?

    Thanks for responding.

    Love your channel!


  5. One thing I also notice with acrylic application is that I see a lot of ladies with really thick acrylic. I get normal length extensions, I'm curious about how much difference between really long vs. a normal + half your nail bed length nail. If say I wanted to attempt the really long stilettos and safely wear them for a week. I just don't want them to be too thick if I do them. I'd like to know whats your math on that?

  6. Filing sucks. It's either a bore or uncomfortable for the client too. Some simply hate the sensation/feeling. And it's time i could use for art.

  7. hellooo I definitely do not like to file the nails it takes a lot of time and clients don't like the drill at all 💅

  8. Kirsty I'd like to see you create a legit looking natural nail. Not the natural with pinks…. like realistic color. I've seen it done with gel but I'm curious how you would do it.

  9. All I could think is, Pfft, broken nail, why doesn't she just cut them all off and get full Kirsty glammed 💖👑💅🏻. Lovely job you did though 👏👏👏

  10. I'm in school for cosmetology and I'm in a nail class. I hate when I have to file after doing a set of nails.

  11. i learned how to do acrylic nails from my mom and i love doing my own so i dont have to pay to get em done but i hate filing it irritating especially since i cant afford the electric file 😩 i even bleach my hair color it do other girls hair too and i love makeup all this is the reason why i want to go to cosmetology school and watching ur videos inspires me even more ❤

  12. Kirsty, I have been going back through all your old videos. oh man you were so quiet and almsot shy so long ago. I forgot! love how you have grown into your crazy self! love the quiet kirsty too! 😗😙

  13. Filing the day after arm day at the gym is especially no fun lol. And I agree with the angry filing. Helps particularly when I need to file gel polish off acrylic. I hate doing that!

  14. hey Kirsty
    im the same I dread the filing part
    beautiful natural looking nail
    just love your work

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