Vietnamese Media – Why We Need to Support Them

Be sure to check out the movie coming this Friday August 18th! Also read on my interview with the director, Thiên A Phạm: …


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  1. My name is kayla I'm vietamese I agree with this video❤️
    I was also born in Vietnam and in Vietnam for vacation at the moment

  2. Chị ơi mai mốt chị làm clip nếu là tiếng việt thì chị dịch tiếng anh còn tiếng anh thì chị vietsud nha
    Cảm ơn chị

  3. I just started learning Vietnamese last year and as a result I came across this channel. I really enjoy it, keep up the good work!

  4. I think all 2nd gen Viet Kieu should go back to your motherland, regardless of what you or your parents think about the government in Vietnam.

    Love your country, hate the government…we already know that tune here in the states. Well it rings true in Vietnam too.
    Go experience your roots for yourself. Go fall in love with your culture all on your own. Go buy a knock off iPhone! 😉
    And if you ain't already, start following some of the Viet Kieu Vloggers that went back.

    I promise, it'll make you hungry for more than just the food!!!

  5. you already have a following so i dont doubt that you will be successful in media!! WE ROOTING FOR YOU SISTERR

    Channel 18 was taken down in late June/early July. It hosted a multicultural program of Asian, Middle Eastern, and European productions, and it was a blow to many immigrant communities who couldn't receive information and enjoy programs in their native language. To anyone on the fence about performing arts, journalism, and media, now is your opportunity to make a comeback and hopefully bring this all back to public broadcasting.
    It was the biggest mistake in my life to pursue something in science instead of music and end up being completely miserable. I'm currently recovering and taking care of my mental health, starting with writing. It sounds really easy to have someone make your decisions for you, but you're the only one who knows what makes you happy, and no stereotype or "sense of obligation" is going to change that.
    You have a duty to yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Remember that. I support everyone else who has a passion for linguistics, engineering, math, history, political science, and other subjects as well. Follow your heart. <3

  7. I only dont know how to speak vietnamese because i had trouble with speech as a child. So i only speak english. But after discovering this channel Ive learned a bit of vietnamese words. Even if im not conversational in it, i still want to be able to continue passing on the language and culture to my future family.

  8. Yea Vietnamese parents please don't force your kids into careers that they don't wanna do. Especially since most of it is for bragging rights. I don't want a doctor who isn't passionate about saving lives.

  9. Viet Kieu are turning to the internet towards Vietnam Prime for our media now. This is similar to Koreans and KPOP culture. This is why Paris by night and other Vietnamese film and music industries in the west is dead. It's all happening in Vietnam. The quality coming out of Vietnam is ten times better, and many Viet stars are reverse migrating back.

  10. Hi there ^^

    So… I'm not vnamese… neither north american xD
    I'm a brazilian guy that really love how vnamese language sound and wish to be able to go visit vietnam some day =]

    And just wanna say, as someone that don't have much close contact with vietnamese language and culture around here… I really appreciate and wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more at your channel 😀

  11. I wasn't raised by Vietnamese parents but live with Vietnamese in laws and boy do me and my father in law clash a lot. I'm cool with my mother in law. But yea compared to how I was raised my parents are so affectionate and my in laws not so much…it's so weird to me. Maybe it is because I'm from a Mexican background it is so odd to me.

  12. So true. Viet kids born in America nowadays are forgetting the language and lack a lot… including me. But I'm gradually learning to speak better and read and write so I can help my non-English speaking mom in the future. My sister is going to college soon so my mom will only rely on me to translate and do paper work. Thank you so much chị Kayla for making this channel. Not only does it help me but it also spreads the language and more about viet culture to others in an entertaining way! <3

  13. I am Vietnamese & born & raised in USA.
    I am also a YouTuber, but I won't go insane in comments to make people to subscribe to me.
    Sadly, my parents couldn't teach me Vietnamese from a young age. So, I barely could speak, but I can understand Vietnamese.
    By the way, my mom, my sister & I love your videos a lot! Keep up the great work!

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