Vietnamese Media: Why We Should Support Them (with Viet Subs)

Added Vietnamese subtitles for everyone with the help of my parents (Thank you Mommy and Daddy!) Please let me know YOUR thoughts in the comments …


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  1. a lot of my Mexican friends said they like to speak Spanish more than English ,,but to Vietnamese kids or teens,I dont think they like their Mother language.thats so sad

  2. You're my inspiration! My sister & I were born in the US but we love to learn Vietnamese and speak Vietnamese at home.
    Love your channel!!

  3. Thanks for making a video like this! I would really appreciate it if u can recommend some Vietnamese music or movies!

  4. Omg I remember that song you did, but never realized it was you. I remembered watching it for the first time and cried because it's so true. And you're right – we should support the Vietnamese Entertainment industry to keep the culture alive. 🙂

  5. I'm not Vietnamese but I definitely wanna learn the language… the sad part is that it's really hard to find a place to learn it 🙁 but I'll try ❤️

  6. The most unfortunate thing is that when you're Vietnamese but growing up anywhere other than Vietnam, you have to make a choice to almost forfeit your culture. I can still speak, read and write Vietnamese but because I barely use it, I'm not as comfortable with writing or reading in Vietnamese. The same goes for a lot of my cultural aspects. I grew up in Vietnam but relocated to the states when I was young, and I've noticed that there's isn't a lot of representation or desire to represent for our community. Honestly, how many Vietnamese speaking kids do you know who actively watch Paris By Night or put themselves in the public eye? Not that many, because of assimilation and as a byproduct, a loss of culture.

  7. Asian parents absolutely do not care what career path you take. They care about… wait for it…. your plan.

    As a Product designer, my parents can't process what it means. They like results and pride on success. Doctor (or engineer etc.) make sense, are understandable, and easy to brag. Immigrant parents today want to feel helpful so they will toss these goals to you. They want to feel all their struggle was worth it. Their children made it worth it. Coming to the US wasn't a waste and their family back in Asia are proud.

    However.. those careers are old and tech is where the $$ is. Parents barely know how to use an iPhone so how can they understand a modern day creative role?

    For college, I thought that was the end. Education = success. UC Davis = winning. That was all wrong in a creative field. The only plus side is you surround yourself with highly motivated people, but even there it's hard finding that niche. Professional frats and entrepreneurial clubs are a few of those outlets.

    If you pursue video, spill the details and have a concrete plan. As a product designer, there wasn't any of this taught in school. Making apps isn't taught in old UC Davis. Typography upper div class or lecture = print design… but no one does print anymore. I had to seek mobile UI typography guides online (FYI.. 14 point and above is best for mobile legibility)

    Everything post high school = relentless self starting / eagerness to learn. A lot of fearlessness to be the best and understand failing sometimes is okay. Every Michelle Phan, Jai Wolf, Giraffage, Clothes Encounters, etc. can be a testament of that.

    Parents want to see a plan. A vision. Being a creative, like you, I can guarantee you will be rough, and have its highs and lows, but it feels so damn good doing what you love. Good luck!

  8. you are damn right, im a 16 yr old living in Slovakia and i know like 2% of the language i am no better than a tourist

  9. As a white American chick, my opinion is maybe selfish and irrelevant, but I'll say this nonetheless: I really, really want to live in a country as diverse as the America I grew up in. And I know I'm not alone. So my hope is that maybe it helps to know you have allies even outside your culture who want to see your media thrive, even if we can't always understand the language. (And let me throw out a little thanks to the people who put English translations of things in the comments. Thank you! You're great!)

  10. Tell you a story.I was just in So Cal and met a man who PUSHED his kids to be 2 doctors1 is a lawyer.They did not want these professions, but they succeeded in school and this is what they became.THEY ALL HATE dad for forcing them to do this.They don't even talk with him.SAD.I talked, as you did Kayla about following your passion. TOO LATE FOR THAT..I have a 13yr and 15 yr and PUSH them to follow a passion.If they are happy to go to work each day,which they will do for the next 40 years money /bragging rights is NOT A VIRTUE.Being happy is.You will be successful KAYLA because you have passion, support from your parents Creativity and most important, a beauty that shines from within you  that you have learned how to share with so many people.You will not be denied.Keep up the great work.I know that although you will never be a doctor,your parents are sooo proud of you.

  11. Chị ơi hát bài Look what you made me do đi chị hát vietlish nha chị em thấy bài này đang hot lắm.😁

  12. Kayla you're so cool, thank you for doing this! I Love ya. It is very important that we support each other in the vietnamese culture and I think so too. Thanks to you, vietnamese thingies got more popular! Like not everyone is thinking like 'what is vietnam actually?'. I'm very proud of my roots and home. (I live in germany) And I hope other people will feel the same one day! THANK YOU CHI KAYLA (i can't really write vietnamese, but i can speak it, but i mean like CAM ON)

  13. I'm from Seattle, WA and I'm currently on vacation with my family in Vietnam (where my parents grew up), it's amazing to see that your music even gets played at local wet markets and gyms nearby!

    I've been watching your videos since young but I thought they were just for fun and entertainment but I love the deeper message you engrave into your work. Keep it up, Chị!

  14. Unfortunately, most of vietnamese kids who were born in the United States don't want to learn their home country language, which is very sad 😭

  15. Kayla is awesome !!! Viets need to be anything they want, but our people need more doctors, engineer and scientist. Also young ladies like yourself, who bring forth our culture to the wider world.

  16. Em nghĩ chị nên vừa làm video vừa làm vlog cuộc sống hằng ngày hoặc chia sẻ về 1 sự việc giùm đó đi chị vì chị nói rất hay :))) chắc sẽ được rất nhiều bạn ủng hộ 🙂

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