Một lần nữa trông Halloween! Kể từ khi bạn đã nhìn thấy vẻ Zombie đáng sợ của tôi, tôi muốn cho bạn thấy một vẻ ngoài lãng mạn lãng mạn hơn Zombie lấy cảm hứng từ R từ …


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  1. "try not make his face too much white cuz he isn't a ghost or a kpop star " i fking choked on ma chocolate milk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. "The foundation should be 4 times lighter" yeaa.. this is why I can't be a zombie for Halloween. The lightest shade is too dark..

  3. I was looking for makeup to wear tomorrow, 'cause I am going to church so I went through Michelle's videos and closed my eyes to randomly pick one and I got this😂

  4. Your R looks way better than the original R! Love you Michelle. From your fan here in the Philippines. xo

  5. :-$ =:O (:V) :- :-! :-[ :' ( : :-! =:O =:O (:V) :-$ :-[ :-$ =:O :' ( =:O l the :' -( : :-$ :- =:O :-$

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