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Hồi sinh 2007-2009. Nếu bạn là một trong 60000 người đăng ký của tôi, tôi yêu bạn. ☾ https://www.instagram.com/michellephan/ ✧ https://www.emcosologists.com Âm nhạc …


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  1. I've been watching your Videos since I was 10 years old and you saved me from my awful childhood and traumas. Thank you for this Michelle… Anyway, after watching your first video I wonder what kind of room that is? Looks very beautiful but expensive 😀 Lots of love, Min

  2. I used to marathon her tutorials, my fave was Vampire Sultry Look forgot the exact title. I also adore her background music it was so mysterious 😙

    These were truly my addiction back then, still golden!
    MichellePhan, JulieG, Xteeener, Cutepolish, Stilababe09, BethanyMota
    Community Channel, ShaneDawson, YourChonny, JennaMarbles and NigaHiga

    and freakin' Annoying Orange… What're yours guys 😜 take me backk!!

  3. Michelle: I like you treat your past you whit little more kindnes, feel like you regreat some things.
    The Kitty litter video make me think (then) in all the packashing ok codmetics products and i thik this was the closest think to cero wast.
    I love so much that little girl. Please celebrate she was so genuine.
    Still love you Michelle.
    Tell me this Is not your last.

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